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Like our mission and want to join our team?  Please take a look at the positions below and send us your CV.

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We currently have two open positions

We are currently hiring for:

- Client Relationship Manager

- Full Stack Developer

Job Description

The job involves helping Dynaccurate and its partner companies to launch new products and attract new sources of finance (public and private). This will involve creating a significant amount of high quality, written material for web, bids and powerpoint materials. Materials should be well researched and based on up-to-date authoritative sources where possible. Literature reviews may involve reviews of academic papers, reports and statistics from governmental and international organisation sources. In addition to this work, there may also be interaction with existing and prospective clients, as well as horizontal cooperation with partners companies (consortia bids, product launches, etc.)


Task Description

Support to the sales and marketing function of Dynaccurate and its cooperating partners.

  • Conduct research and literature reviews in various areas, but in particular:

    • Medical services provision

    • Demographic changes affecting future healthcare models

    • Preventative medicine, telemedicine, digital health models

    • Chronic Diseases

    • Research conducted needs to be brief but densely cited with recently published authoritative sources


  • Conduct desk research and work with the technical team of Dynaccurate to:

    • Understand, at high level, the nature of the technology and what it can solve

    • Understand, at high level, the different forms of Artificial Intelligence which our company works with

  • Based on the above, create draft written materials for:

    • Bids for funding from different authorities in different countries

    • Sales and Marketing Materials for Dynaccurate products or products of Dynaccurate partners

  • Regarding funding sources:

    • Conduct desk research on funding sources across the EU and abroad for Dynaccurate and its partner companies

    • Work directly on bids for funding, sales presentations

  • Depending on availability:

    • Travel for client and/or funding authority meetings 

    • Represent the company at commercial venues (i.e. trade fairs)

  • Contribute own ideas for innovation, feedback and product improvement to Dynaccurate and its partner companies


​You are absolutely fluent in English (minimum C1 - you will be interviewed by a native speaker), both in writing and speaking.

Ability to communicate fluently in other languages will be advantageous. French, Germany and Serbo-Croat would be the most desirable languages.

You learn quickly with instruction and can work independently thereafter.

You have excellent writing skills.

You have good interpersonal skills, with a professional and courteous attitude with clients and prospects. At the same time, your are also confident in being able to speak to management (to ask for help, to be trained on work related matters, etc.)

Experience in the above should be detailed in your CV.


CVs should be sent to dermot.doyle(at)dynaccurate(dot)com

Client Relationship Manager


Job Description

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer to join our development team. The selected candidate will be responsible for creating interactive and responsive web applications. 



  • Develop high-quality web applications using ReactJS on the front-end and Python on the back-end.  

  • Design and implement attractive and functional user interfaces.  

  • Collaborate with the design team to ensure visual consistency and usability of applications.  

  • Implement and optimize performance and usability features on the front-end.  

  • Integrate external APIs and third-party services to enhance application functionality. 



Ideally you are proficient in a number of the below technologies: 

  • ReactJS (or other frontend framework) 

  • HTML5 

  • CSS3 

  • JavaScript 

  • Python (or other backend language) 


Spoken Languages  

Ideally you have at least one, preferably two of the following spoken languages: 

  • Portuguese (advanced level, fluency is preferable) 

  • English (working level is acceptable, advanced is advantageous) 

Working level/fluency in any other spoken languages is advantageous. 


Desired Skills/Experience 

  • Prior development experience in any of the desired technologies is highly advantageous  

  • Familiarity with UX/UI concepts and best practices for user interface design  

  • Problem-solving and debugging skills  

  • Ability to work in a team, collaborate, and communicate effectively  



  • Familiarity with other web technologies, such as CSS frameworks, state management (e.g., Redux), and unit testing.  

  • Knowledge of agile development methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban. 



CVs should be sent to dermot.doyle(at)dynaccurate(dot)com

Full-Stack Developer


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