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Actions speak louder than words...

Don't just take our word for it - inform yourself with a free demo run on your own data

SNOMED CT Remapping

A large drug pricing firm asked us to remap over 100,000 internal disease identifiers to SNOMED CT terms.


Manually, the task was taking them 6 - 10 weeks of manual reconciliation time, and it had to be redone regularly due to changes in SNOMED CT.


Dynaccurate AI processed the same task in a single business day... 

Matching drug names to official database

We were asked to automatically match the contents of a UK hospital drug formulary to the official dm+d database identifiers.


 20 days of expert human input to reconcile was matched in 16 minutes, including 'many-to-one' matching of older and duplicate drug names to single dm+d codes.

Legal Vocabulary Remapping

We were challenged to remap a controlled vocabulary of legal terms, maintained by one the worlds largest data services firms.


 Our AI processed the changes quickly and efficiently....

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