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10.03.2023: News! DyPharm has now been incorporated into DyMap to deliver the same value with even more functionality and with direct links to the NHS Terminology Server! Click here to see DyMap and request a test account.

DyPharm was created in response to the NHS regulation DAPB 4013 which is intended to ensure that NHS patients have a precise record of their medications without any variation between different care sites.

It has been estimated that more than 200 million medication errors occur in the NHS every year, with adverse drug reactions linked to over 700 deaths, but possibly contributing as much as 22,000 deaths. In addition to fatalities, costs are estimated to be over £100 million.  

The solution? Better linking of data... DyPharm was developed for exactly this purpose. The application will match, map and manage the links between older drug names and official names in the dm+d database.

With DyPharm hospitals and other prescribers can remain compliant with DAPB 4013 forever, reducing the risk of prescription errors and standardising naming conventions, including new drug names as dm+d updates. Our technology allows end-users to:

  • Automatically propose matches between legacy drug names with official dm+d unique identifiers

  • Incorporate 'many-to-one' links, for example duplicate drug names split across different applications but referring to a single drug

  • Maintain accepted mappings. Even when dm+d updates into the future, DyPharm will flag changes

  • Automatically share master drug lists with mappings at the touch of a button

Product Features

DyPharm will be available online, with a local installation, or via the MS Azure Marketplace. If you would like to purchase DyPharm from AWS or Google Cloud, just let us know. Regarding data format, we are happy to help you integrate your .csv, XML, JSON, or any other format into DyPharm.

Automated matching

DyPharm will examine your local formulary extract and propose matchings between each individual local reference name and the closest dm+d identifiers


DyPharm will update each time dm+d changes, so that all new authorised drug and device references will be in your system. This means that as you take local delivery of new stocks, the correct ID numbers will be there for reconciliation.

Mapping Management

If any changes occur in dm+d in the future which impact your mappings, DyPharm will alert you and propose new mappings. Additionally, you can create your own mappings (e.g. for legacy systems with truncated reference names due to character limit etc.) with a mapping editor.

FHIR format expression

DyPharm will express mappings between drug and device data in the newest FHIR format for complete interoperability, and in compliance with DAPB 4013 requirements

API and Reporting

DyPharm has a REST API to allow it to be accessed by other applications, and a push button operation to automatically send reports onwards to other stakeholders at Trust or NHS level.

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