Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I deploy Dynaccurate?

We offer two options to deploy Dynaccurate:
1) Docker container.
2) Helm chart for cloud environment.
Both hosted in a private repository, contact us for more detail.

Can I embed Dynaccurate in my system?

Yes, we do offer the engine as a maven dependency. Contact us for more detail, it is hosted in a private repository.

How long does it take to prepare the models?

We have tested our tool with SNOMEDCT +- 500k classes, and it takes around 40 min to compute the diffs and 1h for the classes similarity. Therefore we would say: Big ontologies around 2h. Small ontologies from 5 to 30min

Do I need to upload my vocabularies/ontologies to Dynaccurate's tool?

If you already have them in a triple store, there is no need. Otherwise, we could work together to make it easy, contact us for more details.

Is Dynaccurate an ontology/terminology server?

No, Dynaccurate is an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) tool.

I have a terminology server running and it uses FHIR-JSON format, can your tool reuse my data?

We are working on it! Contact us for more details. We would be happy to work together.