Our AI

Dynaccurate is a new Artificial Intelligence Web-based application that solves the issues caused by the constant evolution of terminologies, helping data-dependent organisations to optimise data exploitability.  Initially developed for the Life Sciences domain, Dynaccurate has proven to be up to 93% accurate when working with clinical terminologies such as MeSH, ICD, SNOMED-CT, NCIt, etc. We describe a key use in the adjacent video.

However, Dynaccurate can be used on controlled vocabularies in any context, for example Eurvoc, or legal terminologies. See our 3 Main Services provided by Dynaccurate below.


1. Remapping

Maintenance support for mapping synchronization between terminologies

  1. Identifies terminology changes between database versions, such as medical and scientific databases; and

  2. Detects and automatically adapts only the invalid mapping between terminologies.

Semantic Annotation

2. Semantic Annotation

Maintenance support for semantic annotations

  1. Identifies terminology changes between database versions;

  2. Detects impacted annotations at document level; and

  3. Automatically adapts only the outdated annotations.

Terminology Lookup

3.Terminology Lookup

Terminology Lookup service

  1. Provides a single point of access to all terminology versions; and

  2. Provides information about the evolution of terminologies.

Accessing our AI


Dynaccurate can be accessed via API.  We will provide an API key to you, and support on setting up the API, which is normally straightforward.

To set up at our end we should only need:

- User and password

- address of database

- each vocabulary, terminology in a database schema or graph

Via Integration

Dynaccurate can be integrated locally, but this requires estimation. Please contact us directly for more details.