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Our Applications

We provide several interlocking technologies for clinical use: 

  • Dynaccurate Oncology Platform 

  • Dynaccurate Electronic Patient Record 

  • DyMap - a terminology, medications and identifiers management application 

  • Dynaccurate Blockchain Consent Manager


Our technology is predominantly built with Microsoft Azure, which is the leading cloud platform for the medical sector overall.  All applications are available as online SAAS products.

To explore any of our products, please contact us via the form, or by telephone, on our home page, to set up a technical demo.

Oncology Platform

Co-designed with oncologists 

We initially developed our Chemotherapy Modules in conjunction with Daugavpils Regional Hospital in Latvia as part of our participation with the OpenHealthLabs venture funded by the Latvian Ministry of Health. In line with requirements, we created Chemotherapy Cycle and Therapy Templates. This module allows clinicians to pre-load commonly used chemotherapy cycles, which can be edited later into specific treatments. Cycles can be combined to form chemotherapy templates, which control the number of cycles and the interval between them that a given therapy can utilize. 

Chemotherapy Modules
Electronic Patient Record

Electronic Patient Record

EPR enhanced with AI for data coding

Our EPR module brings all patient-related information into a single application. In this module, each patient can have the following information registered: 

  • Personal details, contact and relationships 

  • Vitals and Biometrics 

  • Conditions 

  • Allergies 

  • Attachments, such as exams, forms, consents.  

  • Previous and current medications 

  • Medical notes, which can be optionally annotated automatically by our auto-coder. 


All the above information is recorded with date and time stamps, so doctors can review the patient’s history as treatments progress. Additionally, free text medical notes can be converted into formal clinical terms using an auto-coder feature powered by AI 


Terminology, Medications and Identifiers manager

Our terminology server and mapping tool, DyMap can store either industry and government standards (such as SNOMED, ICD, LOINC, UMLS, etc.), or clinical local terminologies and databases. We maintain the most prominent terminologies by means of automated ingestion, keeping track of their versioning.  Additionally, we provide the tools to easily convert your database schema to our own, to facilitate data ingestion. DyMap links easily to our EPR providing a repository for all terminologies used locally in your site or transversally across multiple sites. 

DyMap terminology and medications management
Blockchain consent API

Blockchain for Consent

Dynamic consent management for any regulation

Dynamic management of patient consent, explicitly linked to their data, is a must-have feature in the future of healthcare, whether for gaining consent or recording opt-outs. Additionally, any necessary legal document can be signed, scanned and uploaded to the blockchain ledger as a permanent proof. This allows for immutable and long-term storage of all legal consents and waivers connected to an individual patient's record, ensuring that no inappropriate sharing takes place. The ledger API also manages unique identifiers for de-identification/pseudonymisation.

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