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CEO and co-founder

Dermot Doyle

Executive, founder and investor experienced in  public sector delivery and health data interoperability. 

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Data Scientist, Product Manager & co-founder

Dr Rafael D'Addio

Expert in Bioinformatics Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Recommender systems.

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Clinical Liaison

Dr Francisco Lopes Jnr

Francisco is a Medical Doctor who graduated from Adnan Menderes University in Turkey and due to graduate with two PhDs in Public Health and Medical Parasitology.

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Silvio 01.2021.jpg

CTO and co-founder

Dr Silvio Cardoso

Data Engineer, Bioinformatics and AI expert. Developed interoperability AI during his PhD studies in Luxembourg.

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Luis Eduardo.png

Snr Full Stack Developer & co-founder

Luis Eduardo Soares

Luis Soares is our Senior Fullstack Developer and Software Engineer, responsible for application delivery.

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Melissa Webster.jpeg

Full Stack Developer

Melissa Webster

Melissa is a talented Full Stack Developer with excellent design skills, working across our technology projects. She is responsible for GUI design concepts.

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