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The future of clinical applications

Chemotherapy, Medications Management, Electronic Patient Record, Terminology Management, AI and Blockchain Consent Management, 
Our Story

Originally beginning on campus, we're a group of bioinformatics experts who saw the need to integrate new technologies directly into clinical applications to break silos.

Our Vision

We believe that health data should be available to all - the patient, clinician and researcher. Our system can structure and share data with full compliance and data protection.


We use a combination of technologies in our stack - Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Terminology Management - to ensure harmonisation, federation, provenance and consent.

Who are we

Supporting Health with Technology

Artificial Intelligence


Health data is some of the most complex data in the world to manage, with a complex value chain and a need for highly precise meaning. We have introduced AI to ensure the most precise clinical notation possible.



Thanks to our technology, data can be harmonised across multiple clinical sites without any additional investment by end-users, and made available in any major terminology.



Our technologies can be used in a standalone capacity or a reinforcing framework, depending on the needs of each client. 

How it works
Daugavpils Regional Hospital

"... no hesitation recommending Dynaccurate"

Fit4Start Luxinnovation
Daugavpils Regional Hospital
Government of Luxembourg
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