The first AI to be able to automatically remap Knowledge Graphs using evolving terminologies and controlled vocabularies


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Dynaccurate is a breakthrough technology that offers automated interoperability in linked data and can hugely reduce the burden of managing the maintenance of large-scale Knowledge Graphs.  If you are maintaining large ontologies or relying on controlled vocabularies or terminologies which are evolving, then you need Dynaccurate.


AI for Knowledge Graphs

What is the Dynaccurate AI?

Dynaccurate is the first Artificial Intelligence to be able to maintain Knowledge Graphs (KGs) which rely on evolving terminologies and controlled vocabularies.

The Problem Space: Knowledge Graphs typically rely on information called 'entities' - names for real worlds objects or things, to be able to link information from different sources. In turn, entities should have exact meanings in the context of the Knowledge Graph. This isn't a problem when the entities don't change and represent things that are quite stable, such as street names.

However, in areas where knowledge is rapidly expanding due to research, entities may change or evolve frequently.  When this happens, the Knowledge Graph must be updated to map the new entity, so that it can incorporate all new relevant knowledge.  This is simple when changes are uncommon, but when a Knowledge Graph is operating at scale and relying on many thousands of entities that are evolving, it requires a major investment of resources.

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Maintaining Knowledge Graphs with Dynaccurate

If your Knowledge Graph is dynamic, you need Dynaccurate

Knowledge Graphs represent another step in the evolution of how we store, retrieve and analyse data. There are many tools to create and edit Knowledge Graphs. However, tools which automate elements of Knowledge Graph maintenance are far less common. Currently, remapping is often achieved through a mixture of imprecise workarounds and manual reconciliation and intervention, and each time there is an evolution of entities – e.g. via a new release of clinical terminologies or controlled vocabularies - the impact to the Knowledge Graph is cumulative.

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Not just for Knowledge Graphs

Dynaccurate can be used to maintain linked data at scale

Dynaccurate was originally designed to solve updates of medical and life sciences terminologies. However, the technology is applicable to any ontology where terminology may evolve. Practical examples of where Dynaccurate can be deployed can include:

  • Hospitals use different terminologies to annotate their reports (e.g., MeSH, SNOMED-CT, etc.). These codes are the backbone of records management, billing and reimbursement. Dynaccurate can help to maintain a catalogue of codes automatically, greatly reducing the management effort and accelerating interoperability

  • Dynaccurate can be employed to optimise enterprise search & indexing for large scale corporates and public sector institutions.

  • Similar to medical and life sciences sectors, public institutions (especially IGOs such as the EU and UN) are responsible for governing terminologies in specific areas to ensure interoperability and common meaning and equivalence. Dynaccurate can ensure that changes to these terminologies are managed downstream by other public bodies and actors

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"In an extreme view, the world can be seen as only connections, nothing else. We think of a dictionary as the repository of meaning, but it defines words only in terms of other words. I liked the idea that a piece of information is really defined only by what it's related to, and how it's related. There really is little else to meaning. The structure is everything. "

Sir Tim Berners Lee


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